The Boat Repair Specialists



The team at Matcraft draw on 35 years of  Marine industry experience to provide the best boat repairs.  From small gelcoat repairs and scratches through to full scale insurance claims, your boat is in good hands right from the start.

Like an automotive panel & paint shop we get pefect colour matches every time with our spectrophotometer rapid match tool, matching colours quickly from your boat making for an invisible repair.

        Boat repair services:

  • Gelcoat restoration
  • Insurance repairs
  • Windscreen/window replacement
  • Structural repairs
  • Transom replacements
  • Floor replacements
  • Strucutral alterations
  • Jetski repair
  • Race boat preparation/hull tuning 


"After discovering the transom in my bonito was rotten and needed replacing I took it to Matcraft for repair.  The transom needed to be removed and replaced.  Upon completion I was extremely impressed with how the job had turned out.  If you weren't aware you wouldn't know the boat had undergone a major structural repair.  My nephew also had another structural repair,  I reccomended Matcraft,  another job well done. 

I have since been back for a enclosed hardtop and other work,  I'm very happy with the work Matcraft do".

Bob Anderson,  J.P Hamilton


Insurance Claims

Had an accident with your boat?  It happens to all of us at some stage in our boating life.  Matcraft handles claims right from the accident happening through to getting you back out on the water.  Its easy and no stress (that's what insurance is for right?)  We work with ALL insurance companies. 

Here's how it works:

  1. The accident happens
  2. You contact your insurance company and inform them of the incident (they will give you a claim number)
  3. You bring your boat into Matcraft with your claim number
  4. An assessor is allocated and assesses your claim
  5. Repairs are authorized by your insurance company
  6. Your boat is restored to pre-accident condition
  7. You're back out on the water enjoying yourself!

Timber boat Repairs

Do you have a timber boat? We now have an in-house qualified timber boat specialist.  Contact us for advice and a free no obligation quote 

Need Repairs?

Time to get your boat sorted?  If you'd like to make a booking or just need more information,  simply give us a call on                  07 847 4830 or you can send us an email via the Contact page and we'll be in touch.