At Matcraft, we specialise in composite design, manufacture and production.  When it comes to boat repairs we've got you covered with our specialist team of both timber and fibreglass boat builders.  We work with customers throughout New Zealand to ensure that their needs are met. So what can we help with? Take a look at our main services below...


Boat Repairs


If you need boat repairs you've come to the right place we have the knowledge, equipment and experience to make your problem not just go away but literally disappear.  From small gel repairs to transom and floor replacements Matcraft are the people to sort out your problem.

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Industrial and commercial projects

Looking for a composite company to design and/or manufacture the fibreglass component of a project?  Check out some of the projects we have worked on here or call Mat to discuss your requirements.

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Rowing Skiffs

Repainted_skiffs.JPGGlamourous resprays, invisible touch ups, high performance repairs.  Find out what we can do for your fleet...

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