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We purchased a Saronic SX6 in August 2013. The reasons we chose a Saronic was because we wanted the perfect boat for family fun.

My wife water skis, I wakeboard, our children will hopefully soon be doing both. However, this summer they have just enjoyed the ski biscuit. The Saronic caters for all of this, the change overs are easy.

The boat is well laid out, all the switches are easy to find, everything from the mirror to the placement of the drink holders are well thought out. We have an 8 month old and a two year old, so the high sides on the boat create a very safe place for them to be. Driving it is a dream, we got the perfect pass and it has been great.

Mat has been fantastic to deal with, going with a big American brand we would never have got the customer support and friendly advice we have got from Mat. Going New Zealand made has definitely been a decision we a very happy with.

Overall this boat has met all our needs and then some. I would happily recommend the Saronic SX6 boat to anyone wanting crossover boat.

Nick & Anna Tombleson


We were looking for a new ski boat and were delighted to find one that was made here in New Zealand. An on-water demo pretty much convinced us that it was the boat for us, but as half the family are wakeboarders and the other half slalom skiers we really were after something where, in addition to a nice beefy wake, we could also have it set up so the wake almost disappeared! Our boat is optioned with the adjustable wake plate and a pop-up ski pole and we have the perfect boat for all of us! We can get a very flat wake but still have a layout where the kids and grandkids can come out with us when we are slalom skiing. Over the years we have owned a number of brand new top of the range US and British made ski boats but have to say that our Saronic is far and away the best boat we have owned. It is very competitively priced, the performance is fantastic and we also find it economical to run - all in all very hard to beat."

Colin & Carolyn Newel - Auckland

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